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CLIMA(China Light Insdustry Machinery Association)


CLIMA (China Light Insdustry Machinery Association) was officially founded on 1989. We are the executive trading company of CLIMA and we have been working on machinery import, export and overseas project for many years. Crusher China.

Our production line equipments are professionally designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology in China. The CLIMA production line series include construction material, longitudinal welding pipe line, steel drum production line, semi trailer, railway wagon & wagon fittings , poultry equipments, recycling equipments, egg tray production line, Tissue Paper line, nail making machine and more. During years of practice, CLIMA's machines have proven high efficiency, easy maintenance and energy-saving. In addition, large amounts of projects finished each year also won CLIMA a reputation around the world in the field of construction material equipment exporting. It is a satisfyingly high return investment for the entrepreneurs or investors who wants a stable and consistent business.

The equipments of each CLIMA production line all contains the machinery from the preparation of material of the final output of products. Should you interested in CLIMA's products and want a stable return from the investment, please feel free to contact us.

At CLIMA we believe that everyone aspires to success. Our mission is to help businessmen around the world realize that aspiration and achieve their goals. We hold a suitable experience, knowledge and skills as well as the ability to hear and thoroughly understand our customers's needs. That allows us to be reliable partner that can optimally suit practical solutions to their needs.